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More ABOUT Me and my services

I'm Passionate About Helping You to Thrive and Navigate your life path.

Life can be an adventure. Are you ready to get started on a new journey?

As a life coach, I’m passionate about helping you thrive for life. I help you transform your spirituality,  relationships, and well being so that you can live to the fullest. Need help navigating your life path? I’m here to listen with a heart of compassion and to give you guidance and support through the process. Often times people find they are lacking in fulfillment and direction in some part of their lives, or they may have a clear direction and vision, but are not sure how to reach their goals. Life coaching is a wonderful pathway to help you live with more fulfillment and direction, and to help you get to where you want to be. As your coach, I can help you gain clearer focus and direction,  create a clear vision, develop an action plan with specific tools and strategies, overcome obstacles that are holding you back, and to ultimately achieve your goals and live fully. Change can be hard. Sometimes we “get stuck” and sometimes we need a support system. I’m here to help you make the change. 

Are you ready to find direction, move forward, and live fully? If so, I'm here to help. 

My Story

I grew up on a ranch, raising cattle and farming citrus in Myakka City, Florida. I still have cattle, sheep, and horses of my own and enjoy spending time outside with my livestock.  I graduated with a Bachelors degree in English Education and worked as an English teacher and youth pastor, and have been involved in various ministries. I have always enjoyed helping people to learn and grow, which made Life Coaching a natural fit for me. Before I even knew what coaching was about, I was incorporating coaching techniques into my teaching and ministry! Now, as a certified Life Coach, I’m doing what I love and what has always come naturally to me.

When I’m not busy coaching, farming, or spending time with family, I love to play the guitar, write, spend time in my garden, read a good book, ride my horse, kayak, or have what I call “heart conversations” with a friend while sipping on a cup of coffee.

I’m happily married to Michael who is a home inspector, and have a two- year old son--Nathan, who I believe is the cutest boy in the world.


My Services


Spiritual Coaching

As a Spiritual Coach, I can help you in these areas:

Connect more deeply with God

Gain a clearer sense of direction 

Hear from God more clearly

Identify your life purpose and calling

Work toward fulfilling your life purpose/call

Have a more fulfilled life

Connect with other people on a more spiritual level

Become more clear about your identity

Have more joy and peace in your life

Nurture your soul with spiritual practices

Take your spirituality to a deeper level

Experience healing on a spiritual level

Grow or develop your ministry

Develop a healthier thought life

Better cope with anxiety, depression, and stress

Be more aware of your core values and beliefs

Have a healthy self image

Move through a difficult life transition

Experience more joy and peace

See your life from a spiritual perspective

Relationship Coaching

As a relationship coach I can help you in these areas:

Develop healthier relationships

Learn to communicate more effectively with others

Connect more deeply with others

Improve intimacy in marriage

Be free from controlling relationships and from controlling others

Set healthy boundaries with people

Learn to diffuse conflict in a healthy way and resolve conflicts

Choose compatible spouses and friends

Improve friendships

Learn to forgive others and yourself

Love others in a healthy way

Love your self and have a positive self image

Wellness Coaching


As a wellness coach I can help in these areas:

Identify sources of stress

reduce stress

Develop a healthier thought life

Identify and develop life giving strategies to improve wellness

Create a health and fitness routine that is fun and effective

Incorporate natural/holistic solutions into your wellness plan

Become more healthy emotionally

Become more aware of life choices

Identify sources of anxiety and depression

Experience more joy and peace

Manage your time well

Create life balance

Simplify your life

  • Certified Life Coach (CLC) through the Life Purpose Institute

  • Certified Spiritual Coach through the Center for Christian Coaching

  • B.A. in English Education, Florida Southern College

  • A.A. in Psychology, State College of Florida

  • Trained in Inner Healing

  • “Dixie Thomas has been recognized as one of the Top Life Coaches by Coach Foundation.”

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