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  • Dixie Thomas

God's Dream Team

Discover God’s Design for Team Work and Transform your Marriages, Family,

Church, and the World.

by Dixie Thomas

The stands in Tokyo might have been empty during the 2021 Summer Olympics, but the games went on. In the midst of a pandemic, the world’s best still gave their best. I’m always amazed at the spirit of the athletes that compete—their perseverance, the sacrifices they make, the risks they take, and their personal story. Although this year, I wondered if some of the athletes actually liked the team they were on. Did they really want to be a part of the team? Did the team matter to them? No one can take away your individuality, and yet when a part of a team, your every move affects the team--inspiring, encouraging, lifting them to new levels, making new records, or brining the team down. Every man and woman bring their gift to the world’s stage, and its not just a gift to keep to themselves, it’s a gift they give to their team.

Whenever we are a part of a team in any form, we have (or should have) a common goal in mind. We each have an important role, and we each bring something different to the table. Our strength can compliment the weakness of others and vice versa. We can raise each other to new heights and carry one another through in times of struggle. Teams aren’t meant to compete against each other, but to work together to reach the goal.

You might be surprised to find that teamwork itself is a part of God’s divine nature and his design for relationships, marriage, family, and the church. The concept of teamwork sounds elementary, until you begin to grasp the art of teamwork that takes place in the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are a triune being working together as a team. Each member of the Godhead has a separate and distinct identity, yet they are all perfectly unified in mind, in heart, in love, and in the plans and goals they are working towards. Each one is an equal, but each has different roles and accomplishes different tasks.

Although the Father is preeminently the creator, the Son and Spirit are also involved in creation. The Father speaks, “Let there be Light,” and the Son goes forth as the light shining in darkness. The Spirit at the time of creation is hovering over the waters and becomes the breath that the Father breathes into Adam and Eve which brings them to life. The Father sent the Son to earth in human form as a redeemer. The Father and Son sent the Spirit as an ever-present comforter and guide after the Son returned to the Father. We see how they all work together in full cooperation with unique roles. Furthermore, they are always edifying and glorifying each other in their words and actions. I believe the Trinity gives us a picture of perfect teamwork that we can look to and strive to emulate in our teams, marriages, families, and churches.

What happens if you begin to see marriage in light of being a part of God’s Dream Team? Men and women are created as equals in God’s image, but each is distinctly different. Each brings a different gift to the table. Men and women are biologically different for a reason, and we should celebrate these gifts, recognizing that these differences are strengths designed by God so that we can work better as a team. What is the goal of this “marriage team?” I have my thoughts, but I dare you to answer that question. Could marriage have been created by God to not only provide companionship, but also as an environment where two people become one and help to make each other better people through the challenges and joys of teamwork? Could it be through this teamwork that we become better parents? Could it be that through being a part of the team, we lift each other up and carry each other through challenging times? In times of conflict, we can’t forget that were on the same team when were married. And how much better will our marriage be if we invite God to be a part of our team.

The church is no different. Scripturally, we know the church to be “The Body of Christ” and each part of the body is significant and necessary—the body is meant to work as a team. Each part of the body has a specific purpose and role to play. God gave spiritual gifts to his people so the church could build itself up and become the Dream Team that changes the world. When we follow God’s leading and use our gifts according to God’s plan, we take our place as a part of the team. God never intended Christians to “be Christian” alone, but to be a part of a team that holds one another accountable, encourages and loves one another, helps one another through struggles, and challenges one another to be the best they can be. And for all practical purposes, the team works together to get the work done. We are better together than alone. Our light shines brighter when we come together.

How might you view the church differently if you saw yourself as a part of not merely a church team, but God’s Dream Team? I believe God is building his Dream Team for the church. He didn’t fail to give the necessary gifts. He knows exactly what is needed and has gifted people for the job. He didn’t fail to call people. He has been calling people and is calling them now. Even as the darkness of the world grows darker, God is calling his team to carry his light into the darkness. He’s calling us to bring freedom to the captives. He’s calling us to lift up the name of Jesus so that the world may see him and know him. He’s calling us to come together as one.

God has woven teamwork into his design for marriage, family, and the church. The Trinity is the ultimate example for us to look to and exemplify. If we can follow God’s example of teamwork and follow God’s leading, the world will be changed. It will take work. It will require humility. You’ll have to do some giving and forgiving. But its worth it. God is waiting, and world is waiting. Have you taken your place as a part of God’s Dream Team? He has a place for you at the table and a role for you to play.

Dixie Thomas is a wife, Mother, Rancher, Writer, and Christian Life Coach. Learn more about Life Coaching at

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