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So, What is Life Coaching All About?

Find out what Life Coaching is, why it's so popular, and who can benefit.

Oprah Winfrey, Metallica, and Bill Gates have worked with Life Coaches. Do a Google search, and you’re likely to find hundreds of Life Coaches in your area. So, what is Life Coaching and why has it become so popular? Keep reading and I’ll answer those questions and clarify who can benefit from Life Coaching.

Life Coaching is a process similar to counseling or therapy, but a Life Coach focuses less on the past and therapeutic exercises and more on your present and future, helping you to clarify and set goals, overcome blocks or obstacles in your life, and reach your full potential. During the process, a life coach is your sounding board and encourager who helps you find vision, motivation, the tools you need to move forward, and support and accountability along the way. A Life Coach may have one or more areas of specialization such as spirituality, relationships, wellness, or career and business coaching. The coaching relationship is a partnership with the coach and client working together to move the client forward from where they are to where they want to be.

So why is Life Coaching so popular?

To start with, Life Coaching provides a safe place for the client to be heard and understood. While this sounds very simplistic, consider how often you have a chance to have someone fully present with you, truly hearing you and understanding you. In the fast paced world we live in, it’s hard to find that place or that person. People need a place to share about themselves, their dreams, values, and struggles with someone who truly takes time to listen, understand, and acknowledge them. Life coaches are trained with powerful listening and communication skills, and are typically compassionate and empathetic people who will focus their time and energy on you and what’s important to you.

What’s more, the process of life coaching works! Coaching paired with a well-trained life coach can help you make changes you’ve been struggling with for years and truly transform your life. Your life coach will help you create a vision for your life, and help you strategically set and achieve your goals and sharpen your skills. If you feel stuck, your life coach can help you find out what’s holding you back and give you tools to break through and overcome your blocks and obstacles. In addition to being equipped with the knowledge of neuroscience and the psychology of change, your life coach will provide support and accountability—two things that researchers identify as important elements for successful and long-term life changes. So, if Life Coaching provides a place for you to feel heard and understood, focuses on what’s important to you, provides you with tools to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals, and provides encouragement and support, why wouldn’t Life Coaching be popular?!!

Having heard why life coaching is popular, you might be wondering who can truly benefit from coaching. Anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life can benefit! If you are going through a life transition such as a career change, marriage, divorce, having children, moving to a new location, making a change in your spiritual life or health, then you could experience significant benefits from Life Coaching. The benefits include having clear direction, inner peace, confidence, healthier relationships, reduced stress, improved well-being, and inner transformation.

Are you ready to for a change? Contact me today to find out more.

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